Round 4 Analysis: Supreme Court Hotness Bracket

Welcome one, welcome all to the Round 4 Analysis of the Hot Supreme Court Justice Bracket. This round is sponsored by That Prickly Feeling on Your Skin You Get, Right Before a Major Storm, You Know the One, It Signals Something Bad is Absolutely Going to Happen? I feel like it’s been a calm couple of days, but I also feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, and by the other shoe, I mean my right to an abortion, and by drop, I mean be repealed by the Supreme Court.

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Round 1 Analysis: Supreme Court Hotness Bracket

Welcome back to the Round One Analysis of Hot Supreme Court Justices! This week we’re sponsored by Women. Women: They’ve Been Trying to Keep Abusers Off the Court for Decades, Without Success, but Gosh Darn They Keep Trying and we Love Them for It. We’ve seen a very different response to our Hot Supreme Court Justice bracket than we did for Hot Kennedys, with comments like, “idk if I can do this one, it's too political. The Kennedys are just empty vessels for america's dreams” and “there were some rounds that were really painful. Like they were both super cross eyed and looked like Jack the Ripper.” What do you think Molly and Isabel, did we make a mistake with this bracket or are people going to grow to love it?

Molly: I absolutely think people are going to grow to love it. Never have we needed, as a nation, to depoliticize the court more. Because if we don’t depoliticize it, we’ll slowly just become catatonic as the existential horror overtakes all of our senses when we realize we entered the wrong parallel timeline at the turn of the millenium. So, onward! (Besides, the challenge of ranking a group of people vastly dominated by ghosts of Victorian children who haunt dolls will keep our brains young and fresh!)

Isabel: Sadly for the bracket the joy of the vote is taking a direct hit due to the tense Supreme Court situation we’ve all been watching play out this week. Additionally, the Kennedy bracket had an undeniable aesthetic advantage over the Justices bracket. Some of these folks are a tad hard on the eyes! That said—the world has never needed a lighthearted and politically immune ranking of the Supreme Court Justices more!

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