Fired Up About the Death Penalty

This week on West Wing, Best Wing Molly and I basically spent the whole time reinforcing each others opinions on the death penalty with a few side anecdotes about Tony Hillerman, murder at sea, and Kenny, Joey Lucas' sign language interpreter who is probably my favorite person in any television series. Listen to the episode here, and follow us on Twitter here.

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Everybody Form A Line

Have you listened to our latest West Wing, Best Wing episode yet? If not, go listen to it. I'll wait.

Ok, you're back! Or, you never left because you're an avid West Wing, Best Wing fan and you follow us on Twitter, so you've already seen the link to this week's episode. For the latest podcast, Molly and I reviewed "He Shall, From Time to Time" which was an episode about President Bartlet's state of the union, as well as other personal dramas that we will discuss in depth in future episodes.

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Short List, Long Confirmation Process

Our West Wing, Best Wing episode this week was a topical one, with the recent appointment of Judge Merrick Garland. This episode also marked the first week that we used a new app to record, and as Molly stated "it sounds like we're hiking" so set your techpectations low. 

This episode, we discussed what happens when a president nominates a candidate to the Supreme Court, and why the Bartlet nomination looks different than the Obama nomination. And boy, are there some big differences.

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Got A Lot of Enemies

This week on the West Wing Best Wing podcast, Molly and I discussed "Enemies," the eighth episode of season one. And no, we didn't just pick it because I have a minor crush on Fake VP John Hoynes, to go along with my major crush on Real VP Joe Biden.

No, we picked this episode because there was a complicated political issue that Aaron Sorkin didn't really explain. In the episode, Congressional Republicans attach a land-use rider to a banking bill that the White House has been working hard to pass. But what is a rider? And what can the president do when faced with a rider?

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My lovely friend, former roommate, and current West Wing fan Molly, and I recently started a podcast where we summarize West Wing episodes with a focus on the actual policy involved. The name, appropriately enough, is West Wing Best Wing, and the second episode is out now! 

This week, we discussed Episode 5, The Crackpots and These Women, which introduced the famous Big Block of Cheese Day. Well, technically Andrew Jackson introduced this practice, by putting an actual 1,400 pound block of cheese in the lobby of the White House for everyone to eat.

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