Bruce Springsteen's Gayest Hits

Originally published at No New Music

"When you think of Bruce Springsteen’s music you think of cars, factories and arena rock. But did you know that some of Bruce Springsteen’s music is also super gay? That’s right folks, there are Bruce Springsteen songs that are either explicitly or subtextually gay, and because I am both very gay, and a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, I’m going to tell you about them now.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to say, of course, that Bruce Springsteen is himself gay or queer. Springsteen often writes in character and just like he’s never fought in Vietnam or served time for statutory rape (re-listen to Working on the Highway because that’s EXACTLY what that song is about) these songs do not mean that Springsteen himself has had any same-sex experiences.

With that said, let’s dive into Bruce Springsteen’s Gayest Hits."